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Ha Ha Peculiar - Support


You want to help support my comic? Awesome!

There are a number of ways you could help...

Spread the word! Let your friends know about the comic and why you like it. I don't mean continually spamming them with it, nobody likes that! But sharing a link with friends you think would also enjoy it would help a lot

Vote for "Ha Ha Peculiar" on topwebcomics.com. Topwebcomics is a big list of the top webcomics (the clue was in the name) which is ordered by number of votes. You are allowed to vote once per day (per computer) and each vote pushes the comic higher in the list and so more people get to see it

Vote up the comic when it appears on reddit. This is only really effective in the first 24 hours after a new comic appears, but the earlier it's voted up, the more people get to see it, so get voting!

Buy some Ha Ha Peculiar merchandise! Okay, there's only a mug available at the moment, but it's a great "Surfing NSA" mug. Have a look!